Efficient Lean Start Up

Saved $1.2M in Product Development Costs for a Lean StartUp

Tags: Insurance, Technology, Efficiency Location: USA

Using a traditional web application stack, it took an insurance technology startup months of software development to customise their product for each new customer it acquired.

flexa modernised the application architecture, by utilising semantic-web technologies and applying a dynamic, metadata-based software engineering approach

The end-product was higher quality, with faster loading times. Data model and rule changes could be made without any software development, reducing downtime and accelerating delivery.

Product customisation and customer on-boarding was reduced to days. Saving critical time & money and allowing the business to expand faster.

Platform features:
  • Schema-less, semantic graph database layer (NoSQL)
  • Dynamic, rules-based server logic
  • Single sign-on web authentication & authorisation
  • Dynamic, lazy-loading Javascript application
  • Real-time, multi-dimensional cube reporting
  • Metadata-based model, realtime changes (zero downtime)

The architecture also enabled the rapid development of additional features that were previously proven unfeasible with the prior architecture.

The startup improved growth trajectory and saved significantly on software development costs.


Bill Nadal

Bill Nadal

SVP & CTO - Full Capture Solutions

flexa's innovative and highly agile approach helped Full Capture Solutions gain a 3x improvement in application development and delivery of product features, providing faster time-to-market, higher quality, and product flexibility for fast client customization.

Full Capture lowered overall costs utilizing flexa's semantically-driven approach to application development. Product delivery is measured in hours and days, not weeks and months.

I highly recommend the flexa team, who are delivering tomorrow's generation of applications and web services, today.

Bill later founded flexaHealth - Health IT (USA)